Acrylic 140mm Globe

Large enough to hold @ Play set or Glamor Collection

Little Gifts Jar

Includes ribbon, shred, and glass Locking Jar

Winter Wishes Spruce Up

Includes White shred for inside of Tin, silver Organza Ribbon, and Gold snowflake Ornament

Snowman Pail Kit

This Blue tin pail kit will include a small specialty cello bag, White shred, Snowflake adornment, snowman ribbon wraffia ribbon and curling ribbon to make bow.

Snowman Parade Spruce Up

Use This Set to wrap up Satin Hands Sets

This gift set includes a 6" snowman wall d├ęcor sign, 11" snowman parade cello bag,small specialty cello bag, 1 yd matching ribbon and curling ribbon to make bow.

Xmas Dots Pail Kit

This Xmas Dots Pail Kit includes a small specialty cello bag, cream shred, button trees adornment, Tulle, wraphia, and curling ribbon to make bow.

Ice Finish Hurricane Candle Holder

Includes Glass Hurricane Candle Holder, small specialty cello bag, Blue Shred, snowflake ribbon and glass ball adornment for bow.

@ Play Box

Use this box kit to package up to 3 @ play items

Kit includes silver hand cream box, @ Play shred, hot pink sparkle tulle ribbon, curling ribbon and silver cord to close and make bow.

Pink/Purple Pail Kits

This pail kit comes with a pink pail adorned with a silver snowflake, white/silver shred, 1 yd of tinsel garland (pink or purple), pointsetta pick (pink or purple), wraphia and curling ribbon to make a bow.


Pink Pail Kit $5.95
Purple pail Kit $5.95

Let It Snow Basket Kit


This kit comes with decorated wood basket, small specialty cello bag, royal shred, snowman bell, and ribbon to make a bow,

Use this kit to wrap men's sets, satin hands sets.