Product Packaging Ideas

Acrylic Slipper with Multi Bow


This shoe will hold lipsticks, gloss, @ play items, lip balm, eyeliner and small fragrance.

Clear Proof Vinyl Bag

This is a clear vinyl bag with a drawsting closure.
It provides a perfect wrap for the clear proof skin care set.
The bag would be a great way for the customer to keep her set together or to travel with it. The vinyl bag comes with ribbons and tulle.

Zebra Tote Bag

This soft plastic tote bag is a nice way to deliver the Volu-Firm Set.

Pretty, Organza Bags

Fast, easy to use and PRETTY!

These lace pouches have a satin drawstring. There are 12 bags in a package.

We have 5 sizes available:

  • Mini: 3x4 (for eyeshadow, jewelry)....$3.95
  • Small: 4x6 (Lipstick, nail polish)....$4.95
  • Med: 4 3/4x6 1/2 (Supplements)....$5.95
  • Lg: 6x9 (Handcream, compacts, fragrances)..$7.95
  • Ex-Lg: 5 1/2x14 (Lotion, gels)....$10.95

Colors: Ivory, White, Rosy Mauve, Wine, Lt. Blue, Red, Navy, Orchid, Mint,  Pink, Silver, Gold and Variety (12 colors)

Sample Package of Pretty Organza Bags

2 of each size + 10 different colors

ELEGANCE Collection


These boxes are perfect for the new holiday glamour items.

Long Black Velvet Pillow (for the eyeliner & lip suede), pkg of 3...$1.95
Small Velvet Pillow (for the eye & check powder), pkg of 3...$1.95
Black Chest (for one nail color), pkg. of 3...$1.95
Gold Metallic Mesh Tulle, 2 yds...$1.95

(NOTE: The gold tulle is 6" wide. You can cut a strip to be as wide as you want for the box. The photo shows a 3/4" strip.)

Acrylic Slipper w/Pink Bow

Pkg. of 5
What a great way to display lipstick and gloss

MOD Tote Bags

Perfect for deliveries and for creating skin care and glamour sets.
  • SMALL...size 5 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 5 3/4" (pkg. of 3)
  • LARGE....size 8" x 2 1/2" x 8" (pkg. of 2)

Black Sacchetto Box



This cute box will hold many glamour items.

Size: 3 1/2" x 1 3/4" x 5 1/8" (pkg. of 5)....$4.95

Optional: 10" Pink Satin Stretch Loop (pkg. of 5)....$2.95

Trimmed Boxes


Wonderful new items for glamour.

  • Lipstick/Pencil Box....$1.35/ea. or $13.95/dozen
  • Hand Cream Box....$1.35 =/ea. or $13.95/dozen