Clear Zip Top Bags

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100 Bags per Package

Make it easy to give samples, business cards and literature to customers and prospects.  These bags can also be used to organize paperwork for your business.  Attach a sticker to fit any situation (ex. recruting, newproduct launch, etc). 

  • 2x2 (great for sampling charcoal mask )...$1.95
  • 2x3 (for small samples)...$2.50
  • 3x4 (for business cards/one sample)...$2.95
  • 3x5 (for business cards/two samples)...$3.95
  • 4x6 (for look cards, samples)...4.95
  • 5x7 (for look cards, samples)...$5.95
  • 6x10 (for the old size Beauty Book)...$6.95
  • 8x10 (for the Look Book)...$7.95
  • 9x12 (for Hostess & recruiting packets)...$8.95